It is July in South Louisiana and it is hot and muggy. But that did not stop last weekend’s crawfish boil.  Lately, I have become weary of reading about Wayfair, Kraft, repatriation, BEAT, FDII, GILTI, retroactivity, the slow erosion of the Chevron doctrine, and all of the other hot topics boiling in our SALT world.

To escape the relentless reading, my family hosted a few of our son’s friends for a traditional crawfish boil. Many would question this decision because we are late in the crawfish season and the heat and humidity are oppressive. Forging ahead, however, we enjoyed the successful crawfish boil and highly competitive games of beer pong and water basketball. All in all, a great Saturday afternoon in New Orleans!

Space (and probably protected intellectual property rights) does not allow me to publish the entire recipe for the pots of mudbugs and other fixings we enjoyed. But I will share my favorite part of the recipe we used to conjure up the crawfish concoction. The recipe was broken into detailed steps. At the beginning of each step, the creator of the recipe reminded the user of the recipe the importance of cold beer to the process. No, everyone knows you don’t put beer in the crawfish boil. Instead, an ice cold beer at the beginning of each step is a great refresher, but also chills any anxiety for messing up the preceding step in the recipe. I think you get the picture.

It is now the middle of the week and the Jones Walker SALT Team has returned their sights to the pressing SALT topics of the day. Writing this story, however, makes me smile thinking about the mudbugs (and cold beverages) that were consumed on a hot and sultry South Louisiana Saturday evening. Come on down, y’all, and we will boil some mudbugs!

Remember, everything is better with a little SALT. Enjoy your week!