Cat’s Out the Bag: First Look at the Louisiana Secretary of Revenue’s Tax Reform Plan

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On July 11, 2024, the Secretary of Revenue for the State of Louisiana, Richard Nelson, briefed a joint meeting of the Louisiana House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee on the administration’s tax proposals for a potential limited constitutional convention later this summer and the upcoming 2025 Louisiana Legislative Fiscal Session.

Though the Secretary did not detail every item in the legislative package, this briefing offered the clearest view to date of the administration’s plans. The Secretary focused on reducing tax rates across the board while addressing the expiration of the temporary .45% general state sales tax and 2% state sales tax on business utilities on June 30, 2025 (otherwise known as the Fiscal Cliff). In explaining his plans, the Secretary reiterated the need to hold and conclude a constitutional convention to rewrite the state Constitution’s tax provisions before August 23, 2024 so that the public can vote on any constitutional amendments in November and those changes can be implemented by the state’s fiscal year starting July 1, 2025.

Highlights of the tax reform plan include:

Individual Income Tax

  • Implementing a single, flat rate less than 3.5%
  • Increasing the standard deduction to $12,500 for individuals and $25,000 for married couples
  • Increasing the deduction for certain retirement income from $6,000 to $12,000

State Sales Tax

  • Eliminating or consolidating roughly 100 exemptions and exclusions
  • Expanding the tax base to include digital goods and certain personal services
  • Using increased sales tax collections to reduce the state sales tax rate and offset the individual income tax changes

Corporation Income & Franchise Tax

  • Eliminating the Corporation Franchise Tax
  • Eliminating some or all of the following credits and incentives to “buy-down” the Corporation Income Tax rate to less than 3.5%:
    • Inventory Tax Credit
    • Louisiana Quality Jobs Program
    • Motion Picture Investor Tax Credit
    • Historic Structures Tax Credit
    • Enterprise Zone
    • Digital Interactive Media & Software Tax Credit
    • Research & Development Tax Credit

Inventory Tax

  • Implementing wholesale ad valorem inventory tax reform by:
    • Eliminating or phasing out the tax through direct payments to local governments;
    • Allowing local governments to voluntarily exempt inventory from tax, possibly through a state incentive;
    • Eliminating the Inventory Tax Credit, while keeping the tax; or
    • Adopting some combination of the above

Severance Tax

  • Reducing the 12.5% oil severance tax rate
  • Shifting the oil severance tax base from price to volume
  • Phasing out exemptions, including the horizontal well exemption
  • Increasing the local share of severance tax revenue

Taxpayers should keep a close eye on any formal legislative proposals coming from the Secretary’s office. Of particular importance are which Corporation Income Tax credits/incentives and sales tax exclusions/exemptions are in the Secretary’s crosshairs as well as which currently nontaxable services could become subject to Sales Tax.

A copy of the Secretary’s presentation can be found HERE.

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Louisiana Heads Toward Fiscal Cliff – Time for Tax Reform

As Louisiana heads towards a fiscal cliff, the Department of Revenue has been tasked with developing a plan to avoid the cliff and to address long called-for tax reform. Richard Nelson, Secretary of the Department of Revenue, reports that his Department is 1) reviewing approximately 200 sales tax exemptions for possible amendment, 2) reviewing the possibility of taxing digital goods and services and 3) considering the taxation of additional services that are not currently subject to sales tax. He also discussed the possibility of decreasing personal and corporate income taxes. His presentation to members of the state legislative committees that are responsible for drafting tax legislation is part of the administration’s preparation for the upcoming 2025 fiscal session, or possibly a special session to deal with the fiscal cliff. A spokesman for the Department indicated that the Secretary would recommend that a number of sales tax exemptions be eliminated or modified. 

The Jones Walker SALT Team will provide updates as they become available. If you have any questions, please contact Jay Adams or anyone on the Jones Walker SALT Team.

Louisiana Tax Commission Sets Dates for 2025 Rules and Regulations Sessions

For anyone interested in Louisiana property tax issues, the Louisiana Tax Commission has given notice of the dates for its annual Rules and Regulations hearings. Any interested party can submit a proposal to amend the current regulations to the Commission during this process. The Commission accepts written proposals that are presented in an open Commission meeting, followed by rebuttals from any opposing interests. The Commission announces any changes during an adoption hearing. The submission deadlines and hearing dates are set forth in the linked notice. If you have any questions, contact Jay Adams or any member of the Jones Walker SALT Team.

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