Bill Backstrom recently spoke at the 2019 National Multistate Tax Symposium in Orlando, Florida presented by Deloitte Tax LLP and the Florida Bar.

Bill’s first panel, ‘State Tax Reboot: The Age of Multistate”, helped decipher what the recent sweeping tax law changes may mean from a practical perspective for businesses navigating this new age of Multistate taxation. The panel provided summary thoughts on the Constitutional and federal tax law changes, and the plethora of resulting state tax administrative and legislative actions and reactions. The panel also provided their insights on how they prioritize the issues, predictions on how the states will move forward, the challenges that businesses are facing from tax compliance and systems solutions perspectives, and potential planning and restructuring considerations.

Bill’s second panel, “Challenging State Sales Tax Regimes” examined how states are implementing their sales and use tax regimes in this context—including tax collection and remittance for remote sellers, online marketplaces, and referrers—and how businesses may proactively apprise state taxing authorities about the uniformity and fairness issues at play.