990px-Flag_of_Louisiana_svgToday, January 27, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he intends to issue a call to bring the Louisiana Legislature into a 10-day special session beginning February 13 and ending February 23. The special session will address a FY 2017 budget deficit estimated to be in excess of $300 million. The Governor has explained that he does not intend to include any revenue raising measures (regarding taxes or fees) in his legislative proposals during the special session. He has, however, indicated that he will include among the items listed in the call certain items that will allow legislators to propose revenue raising measures (such as taxes and fees), in order to provide the legislature with options other than cuts to the State’s budget.

The Louisiana and multistate business community should carefully follow the upcoming special session (and subsequent regular session) and be prepared to provide input or otherwise act with regard to any new legislation proposed this year by the legislature.

The Jones Walker SALT Team will continue to closely follow – and report on – these legislative developments as they occur.