Jones Walker SALT Team partner, Bill Backstrom, recently presented on the panel “Why Stop at One? The Joys and Pains of Multistate Tax Litigation” at the Council on State Taxation’s 47th Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.

The panel discussed challenging tax assessments in a multistate setting often involves addressing common issues, such as choice of forum, picking your (legal) battles, and privilege concerns. If navigated successfully, a single victory could be the first domino to topple as other states fall in line. If unsuccessful, however, a taxpayer could just as easily get tangled in a morass of duplicitous discovery and fruitless litigation. The speakers shared advice on attaining the first result and avoiding the second.

COST’s 2½ day program covered all types of state and local taxes that business taxpayers are confronted with today. In addition to the ever popular audit sessions and state chamber of commerce roundtables, conference topics ranged from income/franchise, property and sales & use taxes to payroll & employment tax and unclaimed property issues.