Our own Bill Backstrom enjoys a tasty treat in honor of National Doughnut Day!

In honor of the 77th annual celebration of National Doughnut Day, the New Orleans contingent of the Jones Walker SALT Team brought in their favorite doughnuts from all over the City.  And while it appears there is still some ongoing debate and controversy over the proper spelling of the word “doughnut” (or is it donut?), one can’t deny that these little beauties certainly deserve their own day of celebration.

Here are a few fun facts (and likely some fiction) about doughnuts:

  • The doughnut, as we know it today, supposedly came to Manhattan under the Dutch name of “olykoeks,” meaning oily cakes.  Appetizing.
  • The original pastries, which didn’t have holes, were the size and shape of walnuts — thus the “nut” in the name.
  • There is a National Dunking Association, which apparently used to be a big deal.  They even had card-carrying members at one point.
  • Economists have said the size of the hole in the doughnut directly mirrors the state of the economy.
  • Legend states that Washington Irving (of Sleepy Hollow fame) may have coined the term “doughnut.”  The earliest reference anyone can find of that exact word is in one of his short stories dated 1808.
  • Renee Zellweger said she ate 20 doughnuts a day in order to go from a size 6 to a size 14 in just three months so she could portray the character Bridget Jones.
  • A doughnut has now gone into space (or pretty darn close).

As promised, the Jones Walker SALT Team’s blog will continue to include features and discussions related to our other love (besides state and local tax) – the world of food and drink, and all that it involves.  Recently, the legal stuff has just kept getting in the way!