If you are reading this blog post, it is far more likely than not that you have been touched by the greatness of Paul H. Frankel, who passed away overnight between February 27th and 28th. In fact, without Paul’s influence on many SALT professionals over many years, myself included, this very blog and many others like it probably would not exist.

Paul is referred to as “the godfather of SALT.” There could be no better title for Paul as a SALT professional. More importantly, Paul was a friend and colleague for so many of us who call ourselves SALT professionals. Speaking of professionals, Paul was the consummate professional. He practiced what he preached – true professionalism – at all times and in all places.

I always tried to sit in on every presentation that Paul made around the country at countless seminars and forums. Many of us worked with Paul on cases in our “home” jurisdictions. In every presentation I heard Paul make, he was quick to mention the names of fellow SALT professionals who had an impact on SALT matters across the country. There was no better endorsement than to have Paul mention your name in one of his presentations. Paul was fiercely loyal to his many friends, clients, and colleagues.

Years ago, Paul and I were at a seminar together. I do not remember exactly where or when, but I do remember that we both were on the same flight to New Orleans, Paul to present at yet another seminar and me to return home. Paul asked if I could give him a ride to his hotel. Without hesitation, I quickly took on the job as Paul’s New Orleans Chauffeur. I was not going to miss the opportunity to have 30 minutes of uninterrupted time with Paul in a car. From that time on, whenever I knew Paul was coming to New Orleans, I offered to be his chauffeur. We often dined together, too. Paul was my mentor, colleague and, most of all, friend. I was his proud New Orleans Chauffeur!

Paul will be greatly missed the many people he touched, directly and indirectly. Paul’s legacy is and will continue to be far reaching for many years on many levels. We all owe Paul a debt of gratitude for all he did for so many SALT professionals and the industry as a whole.

Our collective thoughts and prayers are with Paul’s family.